Wednesday, February 22, 2017


WATCH: Maxine Waters Calls Trump Cabinet Members 'Scumbags' California Congresswoman Maxine Waters accused some of President Trump's closeset advisors of being "a bunch of scumbags" during a recent interview on MSNBC.
WATCH: Waters Calls Trump Cabinet Members 'Scumbags'

On Wednesday, Waters explained to host Chris Hayes her theory that Russians were using the Trump administration to help them reconstitute the Soviet Union. In particular, Waters singled out Secretary of State and former Exxon-Mobile CEO Rex Tillerson, whom she said "is there to get these sanctions lifted. "

"They hacked into the election because they have to make sure that Donald Trump got elected," Waters told Hayes. "So that he could help them with what I think is a huge deal. Not only to lift these sanctions, but to take over all of these Soviet countries and pull them back into the Soviet Union so that they can have access to all of these resources. It's clear to me...(continue reading)
Left-Winger Blames Recent Riots In Sweden...On Donald Trump Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich has an interesting theory as to who is responsible for Monday's immigrant riots in Rinkeby, Sweden: it was President Trump's fault.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Reich suggested that the riots were a consequence of "Trump's lies" (read tweet).

Reich offered no further evidence to support his absurd assertion.

As we reported yesterday, riots broke out in Stockholm's largely immigrant suburb of Rinkeby on Monday after local police arrested a suspect on drug charges. For several hours, rioters torched about half a dozen cars, vandalized shopfronts, and assaulted local police officers and at least one member of the press...(continue reading)

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