Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Hannity's Headlines
Tuesday, April 4th
Donald Trump Jr. Rips Susan Rice's CYA Interview
Donald Trump Jr. blasted a recent interview Susan Rice gave in which she flat-out denied any wrongdoing in the 'unmasking' of senior Trump officials, saying 'they were never going to ask real questions'.
BOOM: US Trade Gap Shrinks, Exports Skyrocket
The trade gap between the United States and China shrank by almost 5% in January and February of this year, and the trade gap between the U.S. and other nations dropped by almost 10%, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Knoxville, TN To Be First US City to Witness Total Obamacare Collapse
Knoxville, TN will likely be the first American city to witness the total collapse of Obamacare, kicking thousands of people off healthcare rolls and leaving them unable to purchase new plans on the state-run exchanges.
Rice Changes Her Tune, Doesn't Deny Unmasking
Former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice is not denying reports that she was responsible for the unmasking of Trump associates. Rice responded to the reports during an interview with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell.
CNN: We're Just Going to Ignore the Susan Rice Story
As legitimate news outlets and reporters continue to demand answers over recent allegations that former National Security Adviser Susan Rice was behind the 'unmasking' of Trump officials, CNN and other 'mainstream' networks continue to ignore the bombshell story.
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