Monday, November 28, 2016


What We Know About The Mass Casualty Incident At Ohio State University A mass casualty incident has reportedly occurred on the campus of Ohio State University. At least 9 people have been hospitalized and the perpetrator has reportedly been killed by law enforcement.

Early reports suggest that the incident began when a fire alarm was pulled in Watts Hall, a building on the OSU campus. As students evacuated, a car drove into the gathered crowd. A man wielding a machete or large knife exited the car and began stabbing students and faculty.

Victims are being treated at local hospitals.

Eight victims are being treated for non-life threatening injuries, and one is said to be in critical condition...(continue reading)
WATCH: Castro-Loving Canadian Prime Minister Gets Booed At Football Game Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to face criticism over his glowing eulogy to communist tyrant Fidel Castro. In his statement on Saturday, Trudeau lauded the Cuban dictator as "a larger than life leader who served his people who had "dedication and love for the Cuban people."
As we reported earlier, Trudeau was relentlessly mocked on social media for his statement.
WATCH: Castro-Loving Canadian Prime Minister Gets Booed

However, the flack Truedeau has been receiving isn't limited to Twitter. During Sunday's Grey Cup football game (the Canadian Football League's equivalent of the Super Bowl) Trudeau received an icy reception from ticket holders. As he addressed the audience, Trudeau was loudly booed...(continue reading)

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