Tuesday, November 8, 2016



WATCH: Sean Hannity Makes His Closing Arguments Against A Hillary Clinton Presidency I want to lay out my closing arguments about what is at stake in this election. This is as big a choice election as I've seen in my lifetime. It's a choice between Donald Trump, a candidate who says he'll drain the swamp in Washington and bring about real change, or Hillary Clinton, the most corrupt career politician that's ever run for this office, and if she wins tomorrow probably will face years of intense scrutiny, congressional investigations and maybe even impeachment.
WATCH: Sean's Closing Arguments

Clinton is the epitome of everything we hate about politics. And while her campaign is celebrating FBI director James Comey essentially so- called closing the case into her private e-mail server, let me remind you that the bureau has been investigating pay-to-play allegations at the Clinton Foundation for the past year and will pursue that probe no matter what happens tomorrow...(continue reading)
ELECTION GUIDE: Here's What Time The Polls Close In All 50 States Not sure where to vote? Click here to look up your voting place on Google!

As Americans head to the polls, we can expect results to start coming in after 7pm Eastern Standard Time, when the first polls close in Georgia, South Carolina, Vermont, and Virginia.

Here are the times for poll closures around the nation (all times in Eastern Standard Time): (click to view list)

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