Thursday, December 8, 2016


Here's The FULL List Of Donald Trump's Cabinet Choices So Far With Wednesday's announcement that retired Marine General John Kelly would fill the role of Secretary of Homeland Security, President-elect Donald Trump continues to fill-out his White House staff.

While a number of high-level choices have yet to be made, including Secretary of State, Trump's is more than half-way toward completing his selection process, having filled 11 of the 20 positions that require Senate approval.

Here's what President-elect Trump's White House team looks like to date...(continue reading)
Sean's Advice To Trump: If You Want A Friend In Washington, Get A Dog Note to Donald Trump: if you want a real friend in Washington D.C., get a dog.

That was Sean's message to the President-elect during his opening monologue on Wednesday's Hannity, as Trump continues to navigate the sea of Washington insiders and swamp dwellers.

On Wednesday it was reported that the President-elect had met with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel at Trump tower. This follows meetings with Climate Change evangelist Al Gore, and multiple meetings with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who attacked Trump viciously during the presidential campaign...(continue reading)

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