Friday, December 9, 2016


TRUMP BUMP: Graph Shows Amazing Stock Market Performance Since Election The Dow Jones industrial average has had 13 record closings since the election of Donald Trump on November 8th, making an astonishing gain of over 1,200 points since election day.

It's all part of what's being dubbed the "Trump bump", which some experts have chalked up to the belief that the President-elect will usher in a business friendly atmosphere over the next four to eight years.
The Gateway Pundit puts the rally in historical context...(continue reading)
Here Are The Latest Examples Of The Collective Freakout From The Crybaby Left The collective freakout from the crybaby left is now reaching mind-numbing levels.

Let's go through the very latest ridiculous examples. According to The Washington Free Beacon, the public relations company founded by CNN commentator and alt-radical leftist Van Jones is working with Republican Electoral College electors who plan on voting against Donald Trump on Dec. 19.
The New York Times Magazine reports that the Trump victory is so devastating to liberal women in Washington that they're now cutting their hair and dying it black to somehow feel empowered to oppose President-elect Trump.

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