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Trump Plans Mexican Wall and Sets Sights on Immigration

  • President Trump on Wednesday will sign an executive order to direct funds to the building of a border wall, a signature issue of his campaign.
  • He is also considering resuming a once-secret detention program, keeping the Guantánamo Bay prison open and designating the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group.

Critic's Notebook

For President, Everything a Rating

Mr. Trump embellished his “Apprentice” ratings and the number of floors in Trump Tower. As president, he has continued using suspect math.

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State of the Art

How to Make America’s Robots Great Again

A huge government investment in robots may be a great way to help American workers, by competing with China’s big spending.

Thiel, Trump Adviser, Has a Backup Country: New Zealand

The news that Peter Thiel, a billionaire who advises President Trump, has New Zealand citizenship set off a furor in the island nation over questions of special treatment.

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  • Residents of Bielsko-Biala, Poland, raised money to send the actor Tom Hanks a refurbished Maluch, the Fiat 126p hatchback that put the city on the automotive map.
  • Simin Taghdiri, an Iranian-American designer with a store in Beverly Hills, Calif., talks about dressing Tiffany Trump for the inaugural balls.
  • Starbucks plans to announce it is adding three new directors to its board, and in doing so will create what will be among the nation’s most diverse corporate boards.
  • Millions of women turned out for the women’s marches last Saturday, amid a changing climate in American activism. But were they marching for everyone?
  • Roads, rails and bridges: What does your town need most? Tell us about an infrastructure project where you live that needs immediate attention, and share a photo.
  • An anti-abortion group released a video that it said showed that Planned Parenthood doesn’t offer comprehensive prenatal services. A spokeswoman for the organization called it part of “a continued campaign to try to discredit us.”
  • The drinking water in Flint, Mich., is now in compliance with federal regulations, but officials said it could be a year or more before it is safe to drink from faucets.
  • When Golden State added Kevin Durant, expectations leapt to absurd levels. So despite having the N.B.A.’s best record, many are still wondering if there’s something missing.
  • The Museum of Modern Art has created a series focusing on the films of Bruce Lee, the first martial-arts film superstar. It includes his major films and will run through Feb. 4.
  • A Rhode Island man’s barefoot trek across the country has ended in tragedy after he was hit and killed by a vehicle in Florida. He was trying to call attention to climate change.
  • A nuclear site, built inside a mountain in the 1960s, was once one of China’s most ambitious military projects. It has recently been revived as a tourist attraction.
  • Harold Hayes has died at 94. He was part of a group of American medics stranded behind enemy lines during World War II, often near starvation and hunted by German patrols.
  • “The New Edition Story,” a mini-series that begins Tuesday, is “a jubilant celebration of a group that was preternaturally talented and rivetingly tortured,” our critic writes.
  • American life spans are rising, and as they are, health care spending is, too. But technology is contributing more to the spending increase than longevity.
  • After 40 years, Bernie Ecclestone was replaced as Formula One’s leader after Liberty Media acquired the series and named a new chief executive.
  • The end of the vice presidency of Joe Biden has dimmed an eight-year spotlight on Delaware, a state that, even its own residents admit, can sometimes get lost in the shuffle.
  • With his Oscar nod for a song in “Moana,” Lin-Manuel Miranda of “Hamilton” is one step closer to EGOT fame: winner of an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony.
  • The president of the New York Philharmonic is stepping down, a move that adds to the uncertainty facing the $500 million renovation of the orchestra’s home.
  • The Alibaba Group, the Chinese e-commerce giant, posted strong earnings for its third quarter, beating estimates.
  • For years, Sean Spicer, the new White House press secretary, waged a lonely war against an unlikely foe: Dippin’ Dots. Now the maker of the frozen treat wants peace.
  • After protests from French feminist groups, the director Roman Polanski will not host the César awards ceremony next month, his lawyer said.
  • Chick Webster, who at 96 is thought to be the N.H.L.’s oldest ex-player, is a beloved figure in the small Ontario town where he lives.
  • Iceland, a nation where killings are rare, was transfixed by the mystery of a young woman’s disappearance and shaken when her body turned up on a beach.
  • W.N.B.A. players often compete abroad to supplement their paychecks. This off-season, many ended up in Turkey, where unrest and violence have fueled concerns back home.
  • Venus Williams reached the Australian Open semifinals, her first since 2003. At 36, she is the oldest woman to make it this stage of a Grand Slam tournament since 1994.
  • Alec Baldwin often impersonates President Trump on “Saturday Night Live.” But on Feb. 11, he will appear in more than just the cold open as he hosts for a record 17th time.
  • Critics are accusing the British government of covering up a failed missile test in 2016. Here is what the controversy is all about.
  • Stephen R. Reed, who served as mayor of Harrisburg, Pa., for nearly three decades, pleaded guilty to stealing artifacts intended for a Wild West museum that was never built.
  • There was a disturbance in the Force: The title for the next “Star Wars” chapter was unveiled Monday. “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is due Dec. 15. Here’s what to expect.
  • PBS’s “Frontline” will conclude a series of Trump-related reports on Tuesday. For Trump critics, it’s a horror film. For supporters, it’s “The Sound of Music,” writes our critic.

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