Tuesday, January 10, 2017


WATCH: Senator Cory Booker Praised Jeff Sessions Just Last Year New Jersey Senator Cory Booker is scheduled to testify against Senator Jeff Sessions on Wednesday. The move is believed to be without precedent, as Booker will become the first sitting senator to testify against another sitting senator in a cabinet post confirmation hearing.
WATCH: Cory Booker praising Sen. Sessions

"I'm breaking a pretty long Senate tradition by actually being a sitting senator tomorrow testifying tomorrow against another sitting senator," Booker said during a recent interview on MSNBC. "Please understand I think these are extraordinary times and they call for extraordinary measures."

Some have noted that Booker's decision to testify against Trump's Attorney General nominee is strange considering the praise the Senator heaped upon Sessions just last February. At the time, Senators Booker and Sessions had worked together to pass legislation that awarded those who participated in the 1965 voting rights march the Congressional Gold Medal...(continue reading)
Anatomy Of A Smear: How Democrats Are 'Borking' Trump Nominees With confirmation hearings for President-elect Trump's Cabinet nominees begin today, it's no surprise Senate Democrats and their alt-radical left allies have revealed their intention to paint attorney general nominee Sen. Jeff Sessions, who is a good man with an exemplary record, as a racist.

This is a tactic that Democrats at every level deploy every election, and it's something they've used successfully to undermine and even stop Republican nominees in the past. Just last year, President Obama played the race card repeatedly while campaigning for Hillary Clinton, shamelessly trying to link Donald Trump to the Ku Klux Klan...(continue reading)

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