Thursday, January 12, 2017


MEDIA HYPOCRISY: All The Times Obama Blamed Fox News For His Problems The mainstream media is in full meltdown mode after President-elect Donald Trump pushed back against CNN and BuzzFeed for pushing a story based on a leaked "dossier" of unverified and scurrilous allegations.

Trump pushed back during a press conference on Wednesday in which he refused to allow CNN to ask a question and called the network "fake news".

However, while the media is lamenting the fact that Trump is defending himself against CNN and other left-wing news outlets, they were largely silent as President Barack Obama routinely attacked Fox News for 8 years.

Here's a quick rundown of President Obama's attacks on Fox News...(read the list)
Sean To Trump: Expect More Unfounded Attacks From The Media President-elect Donald Trump took on the press after the so-called journalists at CNN and BuzzFeed exposed themselves as hacks by running wild with unconfirmed and completely unfounded allegations that Trump has been compromised by Russia.

In his first news conference since his election victory, an hours after key members of the alt-radical left media stooped to a new low with reports on a dossier full of lies, Trump let loose on both the media and the intelligence community with both barrels.
WATCH: Sean's advice to Donald Trump on Media Attacks

"A thing like that should have never been written, it should never have been had and it should certainly never have been released," he said. " It's all fake news. It's phony stuff. It didn't happen...(continue reading)

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