Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Sean: Trump And Spicer Have Turned The Tables On The Alt-Left Media The Trump administration is making it very clear to the liberal, alt-radical left mainstream media that the old days of doing business are over.

New White House press secretary Sean Spicer made it known that accountability between the White House and the press will now go both ways. An exchange he had earlier this week with ABC News' Jon Karl was particularly telling. Spicer said he has no intention of lying to the press and that if he makes a mistake, he will own up to it.

But what has the press corps in a tizzy is that Spicer had the audacity to expect the same from the media...(continue reading)
Trump Signs MAJOR Executive Orders On Immigration President Donald Trump is making good on several more campaign promises on Wednesday, signing several executive orders on immigration.

The Associated Press reports that one executive order will take the first steps toward building the U.S.-Mexico border wall, according to two administration officials.

Trump will also tackle the issue of Muslim immigration, and is expected to sign a temporary ban on refugees from troubled spots around the world including Syria and several other Middle Eastern and African nations. Future refugees and immigrants from these nations are likely to require "extreme vetting"...(continue reading)

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