Monday, February 27, 2017


LISTEN: Leaked Audio Confirms Phony Protesters at Town Halls Newly released audio from an anti-Trump protest group confirms what most of us knew all along... that GOP Town Hall 'outrage' over Obamacare, the President's orders on immigration, and more has been MANUFACTURED by the liberal left.
LISTEN: The audio that confirms phony protesters at Town Halls

This particular case involves Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.

The tapes, obtained by a local radio station, reveal how the operatives were divided in to 'inside teams' and 'outside teams', tasked with fomenting mayhem for GOP congressman and others in attendance.

The activists spoke at length on their devious strategies to hijack the events, such as occupying as many seats as possible, booing and screaming if they felt the town hall was 'going well', and then dominating the Q&A section...(continue reading)
IRAN BOMBSHELL: Iranian Leader Threatens US With 'Martyrdom' Attacks An influential leader of the Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard (IRG) has a chilling warning for the United States: our agents are amongst you.

The statement comes shortly after Iran violated dozens of international treaties by testing new ballistic missiles, threatening its neighbors throughout the region.

Abandoning the Obama-era policies of appeasement, President Trump put Iran 'On Notice' over the illegal launches (read)

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