Friday, February 3, 2017


STUDY: Fake News Was Not Responsible For Trump Winning The 2016 Election A new study by researchers at Stanford and New York University is putting to rest a common liberal narrative about the 2016 election results. The study shows that so-called "fake news" did not change the result of the 2016 election, as many on the left, including Hillary Clinton herself, have suggested.

The Hill reports:

The study shows that fake news stories favorable to Republican nominee Donald Trump far outnumbered similar stories about Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. But only 8 percent of voters actually read those stories, and even fewer recall or believed what they were reading, researchers said...(continue reading)
Here's A List Of Stories The Media Got Wrong This Week It was an embarrassing week for the mainstream media. In case after case, stories pushed by news outlets turned out to be either unsubstantiated or fell apart upon closer scrutiny.

Here's a list of stories that the media botched this week:
Trump Eases Russia Sanctions
The left lost it after it was reported that Trump was easing restrictions on Russia. The news seemingly confirmed the Democratic narrative that Trump showed favoritism to Vladimir Putin.

In truth, it turned out that the "easing of sanctions" had been a "technical fix" planned under the Obama administration...(continue reading list)

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