Tuesday, March 21, 2017


The Gorsuch Nomination Is A Setback For Human Rights

Bruce Hay Professor of Law, Harvard University
Mischa Haider Trans researcher, mother, writer, and activist.

The Trump GOP Prescription For America: Don’t Get Sick

Michael Winship Senior writer, BillMoyers.com. Former senior writing fellow, D...

Trump Is Hurting The Pentagon! (By Giving It Too Much Money)

William Astore Writer, History Professor, Retired Lieutenant Colonel (USAF)

To The Women Of The View: Don’t Normalize Tomi Lahren

Danielle Lee Tomson Danielle Lee Tomson is a Ph.D. Candidate at Columbia Universit...

We Are Thinking About Populism Wrong

Cas Mudde Associate Professor in School of Public and International Affa...

That ‘Gay’ Moment In ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Wasn’t Gay Enough

Brian A. Coussens PhD Student, archaeologist, sometimes activist, sometimes adv...


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