Friday, March 10, 2017


BREAKING: Gas Attack Reported On Train In Hamburg, Germany Several people were injured in a reported gas attack on a packed commuter train in Hamburg, Germany. The reportedly took place on Friday evening.

Early reports suggest that tear gas was used in the attack.

The U.K Express reports that two "youths" fled the scene after spraying the toxic substance on the train which was carrying around 50 people.

The Express reports on the injuries (read)
Liberal Strategy Paper Reveals Dems Have No Clue How to Stop Trump Priorities USA, a liberal action group, published a memo on Friday outlining progressive strategies to oppose the Trump administration.

The paper advises liberals to slander the President as being weak on the economy, looking out for the super-rich, and attack his personal character and temperament.

"Trump is buoyed by his Republican base who remain overwhelmingly behind him," says the memo. It also adds that he is vulnerable on economic issues where "voters, by a large margin, believe that Trump is 'looking out for the wealthy and big corporations'".

Sound familiar?

That's because these are the same failed talking points the Obamas and Clintons used extensively during the 2016 general election...(continue reading)

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