Monday, March 13, 2017


AMNESIA: Bill Clinton and Janet Reno Fired All 93 U.S. Attorneys At Once On Friday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions asked for the resignations of 46 U.S. Attorneys that were holdovers from the Obama administration. The liberal media went nuts over the sudden move, but conveniently forgets that Bill Clinton and his Attorney General fired all 93 U.S. Attorneys on the SAME DAY after his election.

After Sessions requested the resignations, the press pounced. One CNN headline read, "Anger mounts over handling of US attorney firings," and even tweeted that nefarious motives might be in play.

Liberal amnesia all-over again. The mainstream media conveniently forgets that Bill Clinton and Janet Reno fired ALL 93 U.S. Attorneys ON THE SAME DAY back in 1993 and no one cared...(continue reading)
WATCH: Hip Hop Artist Assassinates Trump In New Music Video In a new music video for a remix of the song 'Lavendar', Hip Hop artist Snoop Dogg assassinates a 'clown' dressed as President Trump with a toy pistol, according to Rolling Stone.
WATCH: Watch the controversial video here

The song, which focuses on themes of police brutality and oppression, shows Snoop Dogg pointing a pistol at a man dressed as President Trump, pulling the trigger, and a 'BANG' flag shooting from the gun.

The Hip Hop star, who supported Hillary in her failed 2016 campaign, railed against President Trump and his policies to Billboard magazine...(continue reading)

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