Thursday, March 2, 2017


Sean: Trump Has Wind At His Back After Command Performance President Trump's first address to a joint session of Congress was a very big moment, and the reason he knocked it out of the park is that he focused on his promises and key policy proposals.
WATCH: Sean's take on Trump's SOTU speech

The commander-in-chief outlined all of the challenges and problems the country faces, and then laid out his very bold solutions to fix the problems. On the war on terror, Trump spoke bluntly and resolutely, in a way our allies and even our enemies could understand. And when the president discussed domestic issues, he once again articulated the themes that got him elected.

While the president spoke, the Democrats present for the joint session of Congress displayed their pathetic brand of partisan politics. They sat on their hands the entire night, even when the president talked about putting America first and actually creating jobs...(continue reading)
Sen. McCaskill Caught Lying Over Meeting With Russian Ambassador Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill has been caught lying over meetings with the Russian ambassador to the United States. Her conflicting tweets expose the liberal deception taking place over Attorney General Sessions and his 'ties' with Moscow.

The Senator took to Twitter Thursday and insisted that she's been on the Armed Services Committee for over a decade and has never called or met the Russian Ambassador.

McCaskill's categorical denial was quickly contradicted--by her own Twitter timeline. Apparently the Senator forgot she met with the Russian Ambassador in January of 2013 (READ)

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