Monday, March 6, 2017


Kellyanne Conway Slams Chuck Schumer Senior Trump Advisor Kellyanne Conway slammed Chuck Schumer and the rest of the democratic leadership for having no ideas or agenda, aside from attempting to derail every policy the President proposes.

Speaking with 'Fox and Friends' on Monday, Kellyanne said Congressional democrats led by Sen. Schumer had absolutely 'no message' and were simply trying 'to stop everything' the President does.

Conway was responding to Senator Schumer, who spent the previous few days calling for Attorney General Sessions resignation, and who is now setting his sights on the President's claims of illegal wire-tapping by the Obama administration...(continue reading)
BUSTED: Nancy Pelosi Caught In Lie About Never Meeting Russian Amb. After Photo Emerges House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is the latest senior Democrat to get caught in a lie after she denied she'd ever met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

On Friday, Pelosi told Politico's Jake Sherman never met the with the diplomat.

"Not with this Russian ambassador, no," Pelosi said to Sherman.

Despite denying ever having met with the ambassador, photographic evidence proves otherwise (view photo)

Must've slipped her mind...(continue reading)

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