Monday, April 10, 2017


Hannity's Headlines
Monday, April 10th
Israel Closes Border with Egypt over Passover Terror Plot
Israel closed one of its busiest border crossings with Egypt on Monday after counter-terror officials warned of an 'imminent' Islamic attack during the Passover holiday and urged Israeli citizens to leave Egypt before sundown, reports Yahoo news.
College Leftists Violently Shut Down Pro-Police Speech
A conservative author and pro-law enforcement advocate invited to speak at a California college had her event shut down by a violent mob of liberal activist students, reports Fox News.

LIAR: Liberal Fact Checker Gives Susan Rice 'Four Pinocchios' Over Syria Claim
A liberal fact-checker from the Washington Post has given Susan Rice 'Four Pinocchios', its worst rating, over her recent claims that the Obama administration had successfully removed Syria's "chemical weapons stockpile."
Russia and Iran Threaten America with 'Lethal Response' to More US Strikes in Syria
A joint statement from the Russian-Iranian-Syrian military alliance threatened the United States with a 'lethal response' if America launches further attacks against the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad, reports Iranian state-controlled media.
STUNNING ADMISSION: Obama Aide Says They Knew They Didn't Get All of Assad's Chemical Weapons
A senior Obama official claimed over the weekend that the United States "always knew" that Bashar al-Assad possessed chemical weapons in Syria, despite multiple public statements -some as recently as January 2017- that all such weapons had been successfully removed.
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