Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Hannity's Headlines
Tuesday, April 11th
SHAMELESS: Liberals Smear Attorney General With Out of Context Quote
Liberals are in full-on smear-mode over a statement from Attorney General Jeff Sessions during his visit to the U.S.-Mexico border on Tuesday.
North Korea to US: We Will Nuke US Mainland
North Korean state media released an official statement on Tuesday threatening the United States with a nuclear attack if there are any signs of US 'aggression' from the recently deployed Navy Strike group, reports Yahoo News.

US Special Forces Annihilate ISIS Assault Team in Syria
US special forces repelled and destroyed an Islamic State assault team that attacked an American-operated base in Syria over the weekend, reports NBC News.
ISIS fighters attacked the al-Tanf military outpost in Southern Syria on Saturday, where American forces are stationed to train Syrian rebels and supervise regional patrols.
REPORT: Russia Secretly 'Furious' with Syrian Regime Over Chemical Weapons Attack
Russian officials are privately 'furious' with Bashar al-Assad's regime over the April 4th chemical weapons attack that left over 80 people dead in Syria, reports Al-Monitor's Laura Rozen.
Tillerson Issues Ultimatum to Russia: Pick US or Iran
The US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson issued an ultimatum to the Kremlin on Tuesday: telling Russia it must choose between allying itself with the United States and other western democracies, or side itself with Iran, Syria, and other terrorist groups, reports the Associated Press.
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