Saturday, April 15, 2017


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Friday, April 14th
WATCH: Confused Elizabeth Warren Asks What the 'Overall Purpose' of Bombing ISIS Is
Liberal Senator Elizabeth Warren clammed up when asked her opinion on the recent US strike in Afghanistan, questioning the Trump administration's use of the 'Mother of all bombs' against ISIS fighters and asking what the 'overall purpose' of the strike was.
China Suspends Regular Air Travel to North Korean Capital as Tensions Rise
The only Chinese airline that offers regular flights between China and North Korea announced on Friday that it is suspending its regular commercial service between Beijing and Pyongyang as of April 17th, reports Reuters.

WATCH: Pentagon Releases Footage of Afghanistan MOAB Strike
The Pentagon has released video of Thursday's airstrike against an ISIS tunnel network. The strike took place in a remote area of eastern Afghanistan and killed 36 ISIS fighters and resulted in no civilian casualties, according to Afghan officials.
Michigan Capital Votes to Abandon 'Sanctuary City' Status
The city council in Lansing, Michigan made a dramatic U-turn and voted this week to stop labeling itself a 'sanctuary city' for illegal immigrants after complaints from local businesses and residents, reports the Detroit Free Press.

Earlier this month, the council voted 6-0 to declare Lansing a 'sanctuary' for refugees, illegal aliens, and other people without documentation; the new vote reverses that decision.
Gingrich on 'Hannity': Dropping 'Mother of All Bombs' Sent Strong Message to U.S. Enemies
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is speaking out about the military's decision to drop the largest non-nuclear bomb on an underground ISIS facility, saying that the move sent a clear message to America's enemies that "we have enormous assets if we want to use them."

Speaking to 'Hannity' on Thursday evening, Gingrich said that by using the 'Mother of all bombs', or MOAB, President Trump announced to the world that America was ready to use all of its military capabilities to defend itself.
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