Thursday, June 22, 2017


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Thursday, June 22
America to Hillary: We Still Don't Like You
Months after a stunning presidential election that shocked democrats and the mainstream press, American's opinions of Hillary Clinton remain largely unchanged, according to a new Gallup poll.
HILARIOUS: Trump Trolls Embattled Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi
Despite the fact that a number of her House colleagues have suggested it's time to step aside, embattled House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has at least one ally: President Donald Trump.

Democrats Live In Fantasyland: Here's Why Obamacare NEVER Worked
Prominent liberals, Hollywood elites, and democratic lawmakers heaped praise on Obamacare Thursday afternoon, touting its successes and trashing the Senate's new healthcare bill hours after Sen. Mitch McConnell released key details of the new legislation.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called the bill "absurd," saying "It's nothing more than a massive tax cut for the rich on the backs of working families." Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer echoed Pelosi's statement, calling the legislation "mean" and "heartless."
What's Wrong With Nancy? Pelosi Goes on Bizarre Victory Lap After Defeats
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi took a bizarre victory lap on Thursday following a string of democratic special election defeats, telling reporters she considers herself a "master legislator" and that her leadership is recognized by people "around the country."

As fellow democrats begin to call for Pelosi to step down from her leadership post, the former Speaker remained defiant, touting her abilities and telling her weekly press conference she has the necessary experience to "win the congress."
Trump Finally Answers Whether Or Not He Has 'Tapes' Of Comey Meetings
Donald Trump has finally laid to rest the question as to whether or not he had recordings of his conversations with former FBI Director James Comey.

And the answer is: No.

Trump made the announcement on Thursday afternoon.
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