Monday, June 26, 2017


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Monday, June 26
Supreme Court Sides with Trump on Travel Ban
The Supreme Court reinstated several key aspects of President Trump's executive order regarding strict immigration guidelines on Monday, allowing the White House's proposed 'travel ban' on six Muslim-majority nations to proceed, reports Fox News.
Insurance Giant Openly Endorses GOP Healthcare Bill
One of the nation's largest insurance providers openly endorsed the Senate's new healthcare legislation on Monday, saying the "Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017" will help stabilize the private insurance market suffering from skyrocketing premiums under Obamacare and the current healthcare system.

OBSESSION: Watch How Many Times MSNBC Mentions 'Russia' In a Single Show
While the mainstream media's obsession with the "Trump-Russia" narrative is nothing new, a video compiled by Legal Insurrection is showing the hilarious extent to which the conspiracy theory dominates liberal airwaves.

On MSNBC, Joy Reid's hour-long program on Saturday mentioned "Russia" a total of 56 times. When factoring for commercials, that's more than one "Russia" per minute.
ISIS ONLINE: Islamic State Hacks Government Sites in Ohio, New York
Hackers working for the Islamic State infiltrated American government websites in Ohio and New York over the weekend, posting pro-ISIS messages and warning President Trump he "will be held accountable" for "every drop of blood flowing from Muslim countries."

According to Fox News, the cyber-attack targeted specific websites in Ohio, including Governor John Kasich's official page as well as the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, the Department of Medicaid, and the state's casino control board.
THANK YOU, NANCY: GOP Sends BRUTAL 'Thank You' Video to Nancy Pelosi
The National Republican Congressional Committee released a brutal "Thank You" message to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Monday, congratulating her on a string of democratic defeats and thanking her for helping to elect republicans to Congress.

The video, titled "Thank You, Nancy Pelosi," acknowledges Pelosi's role in sending GOP members to Washington, saying, "To someone who has been such a wonderful contributor to republican victories, we want to thank Nancy Pelosi."
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