Thursday, June 8, 2017


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Thursday, June 8th
Comey Admits to Leaking Documents to the Press
Former FBI Director James Comey confirmed to the Senate Intelligence Committee that he personally leaked his private memos to the press through a close, personal acquaintance to make his concerns over President Trump public, reports Fox News.
Comey: The President Never Directed Me to Drop Russia Investigation
Former FBI Director James Comey threw cold-water on liberal democrats' desperate attempts to take down the Trump presidency on Thursday morning, telling the Senate Intelligence Committee that no one in the Trump administration ever asked him to drop the bureau's investigation in to Russian meddling.

Loretta Lynch to Comey: Don't Call Hillary Email Scandal an 'Investigation'
Speaking with the Senate Intelligence Committee Thursday morning, former FBI director James Comey told lawmakers that Obama's Attorney General Loretta Lynch instructed him to refer to Hillary's email probe as a "matter" and never an "investigation," reports Fox News.

Comey said the directive left him "confused and concerned," and raised serious ethical questions over the involvement of the Attorney General in an ongoing FBI investigation.
Hannity: James Comey's Statement Clears Trump of Collusion Witch-Hunt
In his opening monologue on 'Hannity' Wednesday night, Sean discussed former FBI director James Comey's "self-serving" statement to Congress, saying his testimony completely clears President Trump of collusion with Russia and obstruction of justice.

"His statement contains several key points that blow the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theory completely out of the water and it completely shoots down the media and the democrats and all the hyperventilating and foaming at the mouth about obstruction of justice," said Hannity.
James Comey RIPS New York Times Over Fake Trump Story
Former FBI Director James Comey ripped the New York Times during his testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, scolding the paper for a phony Trump-Russia collusion article he describes as "not true."

Speaking with Republican Senator James Risch, the former FBI chief was asked about a New York Times article in February that falsely detailed the Trump campaign's electronic communications with the Kremlin.
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