Saturday, August 12, 2017


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Trump refuses phone call from Venezuelan president, until ‘democracy is restored in that country’

In pig ears, Rosie O’Donnell apologizes to Kim Jong Un for President Trump … yes, in pig ears!

Don’t mess with Omarosa! BET host confronts her on stage; watch her stand and go at it in front of everyone!

DNC’s Keith Ellison says Kim Jong Un is acting more responsibly than Trump – behold your Democratic Party, America!

Judge reconsiders Trump lawsuit; says candidate saying ‘get him out’ is like telling crowd with guns to ‘shoot’



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John McCain - Change Your Vote!
Dear Patriot,

Senator John McCain of Arizona, who had just had tricky brain surgery, risked his life a few weeks ago to attend a failed Senate vote on the repeal and replacement of Obamacare, but he voted no on the bill.

AMAC is now urging that Senator McCain keep his promise to repeal and replace Obamacare.

America needs you now more than ever. If you want to rid the country of Obamacare, please sign the petition.

Doing nothing is not an option. Soon, America's insurers will decide just how much more Americans will have to pay for health coverage next year. Speculation among the experts is rampant that without a Congressional solution, sky-high Obamacare premiums may increase by 20% or more to new, ludicrously excessive levels in 2018.

AMAC needs you. America needs you. We must act before it's too late.

Dan Weber, AMAC President

John McCain - Change Your Vote!

We, the following citizens, urge you to keep your word to repeal and replace Obamacare. We therefore request you to change your vote to support the progress in the Senate to rid us of Obamacare.

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With all of the skeletons in her closet, Hillary wants to do this!
With all of the skeletons in her closet, Hillary wants to do this!
As the spotlight turns to North Korea, the Clintons have another scandal!
Secretary Mattis explains some realities to the North Korean regime.
As tensions grow across the globe, one major threat stands out.


The network sports giant is facing an incredible dilemma.
Donald Trump's 1999 warning is particularly significant today!
Megyn Kelly's once promising career is in shambles.
The consequences for Loretta Lynch's actions continue to mount.
As Trump moves his agenda forward, America is becoming safer.

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