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Thursday, September 21st
WATCH: President Trump Announces Major Crackdown on North Korea
President Trump announced a new executive order on Thursday, drastically expanding the federal government's ability to crackdown on businesses that do business inside North Korea or with Kim Jong Un's brutal regime.
ON THE BRINK: Trump to Hit 'Rocket Man' with Crippling Sanctions
President Trump told reporters at the United Nations that the United States is poised to impose even harsher sanctions against the North Korean regime; raising the stakes in an effort to curtail Kim Jong Un's rapidly advancing nuclear and missile programs, reports CNBC.


MAXINE UNLEASHED: Vows to Find 'Any Reason' to Impeach Trump
Firebrand liberal Maxine Waters again called for the impeachment of President Trump on Wednesday, this time bizarrely claiming she could remove the President for "any reason" she wants; adding the President doesn't have to break any specific law to be impeached.

The California Congresswoman was speaking with members of the Congressional Black Caucus when she called on other liberal lawmakers to "support" her calls to "impeach 45."
REPORT: Obama's UN Ambassador Tried to 'Unmask' Hundreds of Americans
President Obama's US ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power attempted to "unmask" the identities of at least 260 private American citizens throughout 2016, even after November's presidential election and right up until President Trump's inauguration in January.

According to Fox News, Power ramped up her "unmasking" in the final days of the Obama administration, sometimes requesting more than one individual's identity per day.

Details of Power's practices emerged as the former ambassador prepares to testify before Congress over her "unmasking" activities in October.
OUCH: Bill Cassidy, Lindsey Graham Respond to Jimmy Kimmel Smear
Republican Senators Lindsey Graham and Bill Cassidy responded to liberal comedian Jimmy Kimmel's late night smear on Thursday, saying the actor bought into "liberal garbage" and should have "picked up the phone" before he called Bill Cassidy "a liar" on national television.

"Do you think that this legislation passes the Jimmy Kimmel test?" asked a reporter from NBC News. "He called you a liar last night."

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My friend:

Because of his strong third place finish in the original Alabama GOP Senate primary, everyone has been waiting to see whom Congressman Mo Brooks would endorse in the runoff between solid conservative Judge Roy Moore and scandal-plagued lobbyist Luther Strange.  The wait is over: Rep. Brooks has made it a clean sweep of national conservatives endorsing Roy Moore! 
And Brooks was not timid in his comments.

My friend, I agree with Mo Brooks.  This race between lobbyist Strange and patriot Moore is an epic battle that pits everything wrong with the Washington swamp establishment against everything that is right with hard working, God fearing American conservatives who honor God and revere the Constitution.
We HAVE to win this race.  
Washington media are reporting that numerous incumbent Republican Senators (the unreliable, RINO types) are walking around openly fretting that Judge Moore will win, because it would prove that a true conservative patriot CAN successfully challenge and BEAT an incumbent politician even when he is outspent twenty-to-one.
The prospect of a Moore victory against a GOP incumbent strikes fear into their hearts.  It is creating an atmosphere of chaos among them.  And I am loving it.  
Rep. Mo Brooks did well in the first primary, as you can see from the graphic below.  His strong endorsement will certainly help pull us across that finish line.  (The 4th place finisher has already endorsed Judge Moore.)

A Moore victory in this race would send the message to all of the other GOP Senators that if you don't do what you told voters you would, you CAN be removed and replaced by a true patriot who will build the wall, defund Planned Parenthood, balance the budget, enforce the Second Amendment, and stand up for American businesses and American workers when the Chinese lie, cheat, and steal to beat them back.
It can be the beginning of a wholesale cleaning of the Senate -- if we win it.  
But it could also be the most crushing blow we conservatives have had in years if we blow it here in the final days.
According to the polls, we are headed for a narrow victory.  But the comfortable 13 point gap has closed to 6 points now that Mitch McConnell and the Washington swamp have spent over 15 million dollars on television ads lying about Judge Moore.  Fortunately, everyone is reporting that the ads are nothing but lies, but there are always people who will believe what they see on TV, no matter what.  Their lies will hurt us.

We cannot let the Washington Swamp steal our revolution.  The turnout for this PRIMARY RUNOFF is going to be minuscule, as it always is in these runoffs.  GETTING OUT OUR VOTERS IS EVERYTHING, and the establishment is better at this than we are, because they are the career politicians.

Politico just reported today: “Senate GOP Whip John Cornyn said he urged Strange to concentrate on turnout during a National Republican Senatorial Committee lunch on Tuesday, rather than TV ads. The Senate’s campaign arm is mobilizing to help Strange pull off an upset: A large contingent of NRSC staffers is working on the race, both in Alabama and from Washington; one Republican Senator said it’s the bulk of the NRSC’s staff.”

You see?  The establishment is pulling out all the stops to beat Judge Moore.  They KNOW what is at stake, or they wouldn't be throwing everyone at this runoff.

We have identified 96,000 solid conservative voters who voted for Judge Moore last time, and will do so again on September 26.  We have designed an outstanding mailer to be sent to these great Americans to remind them to vote, and we will mail as many of these as we can raise the money for.

We have only ONE MORE DAY to raise the postage to get this mailing to the docks in time for the election!  That's all the time we have left!

Will you help us raise that money?  Can you give so another dozen or another hundred of them can be reached?  It could be YOUR donation that puts Judge Moore over the top.  Or, God forbid, your donation that COULD HAVE put him over the top if it had only been received in time.

That may sound dramatic, but the stakes are high.  Do not lose faith now.  We are too close.

A $50 or $100 contribution can reach a lot of voters by mail.  Can you give it?

And if God has blessed you financially, this may be the time for you to feel led to make a large investment in the future of our country.  We are a Super PAC, so there are no limits on what you can give.  Maybe someone out there could come through for us in a big way as we approach the final stretch in this CRITICAL race that everyone (especially incumbent GOP Senators) is watching.
Everyone who gives even one dollar will be emailed a special video link that will allow you to watch election night results and Judge Moore's election night address live at 8:00 p.m. CST.

And you will know in your heart that you did at least SOMETHING to help turn the tide in this country.  You can click on this secure link to help:  Please continue to pray for Judge Moore and our country.

From Alabama,

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