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DOJ inspector postpones testimony after new Hillary email case leads found

May 5, 2018
DOJ inspector postpones testimony after new Hillary email case leads found 
There is just a little more hope that we may finally get some justice against Hillary Clinton.
Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s testimony before the House Oversight Committee has been delayed, so he can have more time to review new evidence in regard to the Hillary email investigation.

Bad News for Hillary

For what seems like years, the House Oversight Committee had been requesting information from the FBI related to Hillary’s email case.
Within the last couple of weeks, the committee was finally able to secure the release of the information it needed to fully investigate the case.
Now that the Inspector General has his hands on the information, the committee wants a report to find out exactly how Comey came to let Hillary off the hook.
While his original testimony date was scheduled for May 8, he will now look to testify as soon as he finishes his report on the case.
On the delay, Rep. Gowdy stated, “It is of the utmost importance that your review be fulsome, complete, and unimpeded as possible.”

Delay Should Not Be Long

According to reports, even though his testimony is being delayed, it should not be a significant delay.
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who has been facing considerable heat from the Trump administration over the raid of Cohen’s hotel room and office, seems very optimistic the report will present the Justice Department with a learning opportunity.
Rosenstein stated, “Within the next few weeks, I anticipate our inspector general will complete a comprehensive, fair, and nonpartisan report that answers many questions about how the Department of Justice handled a high-profile investigation during the last presidential campaign.”
“We will learn from it, and our Department will do better in the future,” Rosenstein added.
Now, that does not exactly sound like someone that is confident the investigation was actually handled properly.
That little tidbit is not good news for Comey, McCabe, or Hillary.
Comey had managed to dodge the bullet thus far, but this report could change that.
And McCabe, well, he is already hanging on by a thread.
Hillary should also be walking on egg shells right now.
If Horowitz finds a blatant mishandling of the case, there is a very good chance a new investigation will be opened up into the email scandal.
Without Obama putting pressure on the Justice Department, it is unlikely Hillary will like the outcome the second time around.

Do You Think the Hillary Email Investigation Was Handled Properly?

If this report comes out the way we think it will come out, McCabe could be getting fitted for an orange jumper sooner rather than later.
And, with any luck, Hillary won’t be far behind him.

Report: A tired Melania Trump is recovering from weeks of grueling official duties

May 5, 2018
Report: A tired Melania Trump is recovering from weeks of grueling official duties Image via Michael Candelori /
Everyone wants to know… where is Melania?
After being in the limelight during the visit from the French president, Melania has mysteriously disappeared from the public eye.

Melania Was Everywhere

Before the French president arrived in DC, Melania Trump had perhaps her most visible period since Donald Trump moved into the White House.
It started on Easter, with Melania planning the events for the annual Easter Egg Roll.
The moment that event was finished, the First Lady started to put on the final touches for the French president’s visit.
She was often spotted around the White House discussing the event and directing staff.
When the French president finally arrived, Melania was front and center at every event.
Not only was Melania present and by the side of the President, she was getting some major headlines on fashion magazines for how she looked.
In addition to everyone raving over her fashion choices, Melania was finally getting her due for her FLOTUS duties.
The visit was widely applauded for Melania’s attention to every minute detail.
From the dinner at Mount Vernon to the State Dinner event, Melania hit an absolute home run.
Then, suddenly, she was gone from view again.

Something Wrong?

Now that she is avoiding the spotlight, the media is surmising that something is wrong.
More than likely, though, Melania is just taking a break and recovering from the daily grind of having hosted such an event.

Do You Think Melania is Okay?

One can only imagine how exhausting it is to have the media scrutinizing your every move in addition to taking care of her son.
Let’s just hope that is actually the case and it is not something more serious.

Former Stormy Daniels manager receives subpoena

May 5, 2018
Former Stormy Daniels manager receives subpoena Photo via Video Screenshot
The FBI is digging deep into the Daniels case and is now tapping into members of Daniels management team.
Earlier this week, it was reported that Gina Rodriguez, Daniels’ former manager, honored a subpoena and turned over a stack of records to the FBI.

Should Stormy Be Worried?

As the FBI tries to figure out if there were any campaign laws violated, the news for Daniels seems to get worse and worse.
The more we see about the case, the more it appears Daniels was shaking down Trump.
The records in question were related to the initial deal Daniels was trying to work out with the Trump camp.
Initially, Rodriguez was part of the team negotiating the terms of the NDA for Daniels.
However, that first deal fell apart.
A second deal was later brokered and signed by Daniels.


As far as we can tell, the deal looks like it was only made because Daniels decided to try to sell her alleged affair story to the highest bidder.
Cohen allegedly made the move to broker the NDA to protect Trump from the damage that would be done to his campaign.
As we all know, the truth doesn’t matter in cases such as this.
These days, people are found guilty long before they ever have their say in court.

Bigger Problems for Daniels

While Daniels continues to work her story for higher appearance fees, she could be faced with some significant legal battles of her own in the very near future.

Do You Think This Spells Trouble for Daniels?

Unless she has absolute proof of the affair, there is little doubt Trump will hit her with some type of suit.
Regardless, she has broken the NDA and will probably see a seven or eight-figure lawsuit from Cohen.

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