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Carving California | Record Tax Revenue | Nancy's Nightmare

CARVING CALIFORNIA: Proposal to Split the State into THREE to be on Midterm Ballot

The radical plan to divide California into three separate states will officially appear on the ballot this fall; giving residents a chance to alter the Golden State’s history forever and sooth growing tensions between the liberal coast and rural interior.
According to the Los Angeles Times, the proposal officially earned a spot on…
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Nancy Pelosi Holds Weekly News Conference At The Capitol


The number of Americans receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance -better known as Food Stamps- plunged to the lowest level in eight years; signaling a recovering US economy under President Trump and the GOP-led Congress.
The new statistics released by the USDA show that approximately 40 million people were enrolled in the SNAP program as…
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Social Security Reform Becomes A Divisive Issue


The United States Treasury collected a record-breaking amount of personal income taxes in May; smashing estimates during the first eight months of the 2018 Fiscal Year with no signs of slowing down.
According to CNS News, the US federal government raked in a whopping $1.1 trillion in personal income taxes, breaking the previous…

Tom Brokaw Visits FOX News Channel's "Hannity"

‘HANNITY’ BLOWOUT: Sean’s Singapore Coverage STEAMROLLS the Competition

Sean Hannity’s extensive coverage of the historic Singapore Summit “steamrolled” the competition this week, with the Fox News host “dominating” the entire marketplace with nearly 6 million viewers.
“The highest rated of Fox News’ coverage was Hannity’s program, which dominated all of television with 5.9 million total viewers, beating out all of broadcast primetime…\

Daily update June 13, 2018


Fox on a hot London roof trends on Twitter
Pictures of a "suspiciously relaxed" fox sunbathing on a roof in London have become a trending moment on Twitter. The wily vulpine crept up a fire ...
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Gunman kills self, 4 child hostages after Florida standoff
ORLANDO, Fla. – A man accused of battering his girlfriend shot an officer and barricaded himself in a Florida apartment, where police ultimately ...
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Cell phone showdown. MSNBC takes on Fox News' Sean Hannity over obstruction of justice talk
Critics of Fox News commentator Sean Hannity have seized on statements he made during his nationally broadcast show to claim Hannity is urging ...
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US Open 2018: The one strategic way Fox Sports has scaled back its coverage
SOUTHAMPTON, N.Y. — Mark Loomis hasn't shied from the criticism lobbed at his still-young Fox Sports golf broadcast team. There's been plenty to ...
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Fox News Changes Its Tune On North Korea To Echo Trump's Summit Talk
Just over 10 months ago, Fox News host Sean Hannity told his audience that North Korea was led by an evil regime that should not be appeased ...
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A tech company is stopping credit card payments for gun purchases
Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano on Intuit's decision to stop credit card payments for gun purchases and Theranos CEO ...
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Fox News' hypocrisy on US talks with dictators
Fox News criticized former President Obama for his willingness to "talk to dictators." Now, conservative media praises President Trump's work with ...
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North Korean summit: What does Kim Jong Un want?
Fox News foreign policy analyst Kiron Skinner on what North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un expects to gain from his meeting with President Trump.
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Rep. Kinzinger: Trump-Kim summit is 'absolutely historic'
Kinzinger says Kim Jong Un knows the president has put a red line down. Republican congressman from Illinois sounds off on 'Fox News @ Night.' ...
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Fox News host jokes about Trump's feud with Trudeau: 'Maybe we need a northern wall'
NOW PLAYING: News. Shepard Smith wearing a suit and tie: Fox News Host Jokes About Trump's Feud With. Fox News host jokes about Trump's ...
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